BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterinput/qobuz: dispose the TidalLoginRequest earlierMax Kellermann13 hours
v0.18.xrelease v0.18.23Max Kellermann3 years
v0.19.xrelease v0.19.21Max Kellermann13 months
v0.20.xdb/simple/Mount: drop mount point prefix from LOCATE_TAG_BASE_TYPEMax Kellermann2 days
v0.20.15commit ed4d0aa909...Max Kellermann2 weeks
v0.20.14commit c0bf052fa9...Max Kellermann3 weeks
v0.20.13commit 49b9a90c3f...Max Kellermann5 weeks
v0.20.12commit 323231d1dd...Max Kellermann8 weeks
v0.20.11commit a7fdfa08e1...Max Kellermann3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 hoursinput/qobuz: dispose the TidalLoginRequest earlierHEADmasterMax Kellermann1-2/+1
13 hoursinput/qobuz: dispose the QobuzTrackRequestMax Kellermann1-0/+2
14 hoursinput/qobuz: pass std::string by value to OnQobuzTrackSuccess()Max Kellermann2-3/+3
14 hoursinput/qobuz: dispose the QobuzLoginRequest earlierMax Kellermann1-2/+2
18 hoursinput/qobuz: remove unused variableMax Kellermann1-3/+0
19 hourslib/expat/Parser: make the "is_final" argument optionalMax Kellermann3-3/+3
19 hourslib/expat/Parser: add method CompleteParse()Max Kellermann3-2/+10
19 hourslib/expat/Parser: forward Parse() argumentsMax Kellermann1-6/+3
21 hoursinput/qobuz: parse and report message from error responsesMax Kellermann7-4/+214
21 hoursinput/qobuz: create JSON parser on demandMax Kellermann2-2/+4

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