BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercommand/Partition: add command "partition" to switch to another partitionMax Kellermann4 days
v0.18.xrelease v0.18.23Max Kellermann2 years
v0.19.xrelease v0.19.21Max Kellermann3 months
v0.20.xandroid/ build with libc++ instead of GNU libstdc++Max Kellermann76 min.
v0.20.5commit 575d1786af...Max Kellermann9 days
v0.20.4commit 0a033fb10a...Max Kellermann4 weeks
v0.20.3commit 2ab6c40ff1...Max Kellermann5 weeks
v0.20.2commit 96a31f554a...Max Kellermann7 weeks
v0.20.1commit ed80863eac...Max Kellermann7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 dayscommand/Partition: add command "partition" to switch to another partitionHEADmasterMax Kellermann4-0/+33
4 daysInstance: add method FindPartition()Max Kellermann3-6/+19
4 daysClient: add method SetPartition()Max Kellermann1-0/+6
4 daysClient: convert partition to pointerMax Kellermann5-13/+13
4 daysClient: add method GetPartition(), make partition privateMax Kellermann9-58/+72
4 dayscommand/storage: use Instance::EmitIdle()Max Kellermann1-4/+4
4 daysClient: add method GetInstance()Max Kellermann8-21/+33
4 daysClient: replace playlist and player_control with getter methodsMax Kellermann7-33/+54
5 daysSongPrint: remove Storage::MapToRelativeUTF8() callMax Kellermann12-107/+71
5 daysfs/Traits: allow base to end with a slash in Relative()Max Kellermann1-1/+8

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