BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteroutput/Internal: move the "pause" flag to struct AudioOutputControlMax Kellermann4 days
v0.18.xrelease v0.18.23Max Kellermann2 years
v0.19.xrelease v0.19.21Max Kellermann5 months
v0.20.xrelease v0.20.8Max Kellermann8 days
v0.20.8commit 8d290ad509...Max Kellermann8 days
v0.20.7commit b4c9d9c2a7...Max Kellermann12 days
v0.20.6commit a40510c241...Max Kellermann3 months
v0.20.5commit 575d1786af...Max Kellermann3 months
v0.20.4commit 0a033fb10a...Max Kellermann4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysoutput/Internal: move the "pause" flag to struct AudioOutputControlHEADmasterMax Kellermann4-15/+13
4 daysoutput/pulse: add "pause" flagMax Kellermann1-3/+11
4 daysoutput/httpd: add "pause" flagMax Kellermann2-1/+8
4 daysoutput/Thread: skip WaitForDelay() after resuming playbackMax Kellermann3-2/+14
4 daysoutput/Thread: rename {Play,Pause}() to Internal{Play,Pause}()Max Kellermann2-6/+11
5 daysoutput/Internal: move "client" to struct AudioOutputControlMax Kellermann7-47/+24
5 daysoutput/MultipleOutputs: use LoadOutputControl() in AddNullOutput()Max Kellermann1-4/+4
5 daysoutput/{Internal,Control}: add "noexcept"Max Kellermann8-97/+98
5 daysoutput/Thread: move code to InternalOpen()Max Kellermann2-12/+23
5 daysoutput/Internal: move several flags to struct AudioOutputControlMax Kellermann5-47/+37

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