BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterNEWS: mention the GME decoder changeMax Kellermann12 hours
v0.18.xrelease v0.18.23Max Kellermann3 years
v0.19.xrelease v0.19.21Max Kellermann9 months
v0.20.xlib/icu/CaseFold: disable broken strxfrm() callbackMax Kellermann2 days
v0.20.10commit 57a71c157d...Max Kellermann4 weeks
v0.20.9commit cf86dfd317...Max Kellermann4 months
v0.20.8commit 8d290ad509...Max Kellermann4 months
v0.20.7commit b4c9d9c2a7...Max Kellermann4 months
v0.20.6commit a40510c241...Max Kellermann6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 hoursNEWS: mention the GME decoder changeHEADmasterMax Kellermann1-0/+1
12 hoursGME Plugin: try loading m3u sidecar filesJohn Regan1-16/+34
33 hoursplaylist/SoundCloud: move enum key into struct, make strictly-typedMax Kellermann1-20/+18
33 hoursplaylist/SoundCloud: use strcmp() instead of memcmp() to avoid buffer overflowMax Kellermann1-1/+1
33 hoursinput/alsa: migrate from DeferredMonitor to DeferEventMax Kellermann1-14/+13
33 hourslib/upnp/Discovery: migrate from DeferredMonitor to DeferEventMax Kellermann2-12/+11
33 hourslib/curl/{Global,Request}: migrate from DeferredMonitor to DeferEventMax Kellermann4-24/+21
33 hoursevent/DeferredCall: rename to DeferEventMax Kellermann3-10/+10
34 hoursinput/thread: use class HugeArray instead of the low-level function HugeAlloc...Max Kellermann2-26/+14
34 hoursinput/thread: un-inline the constructorMax Kellermann2-5/+12

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